Costume order

Dear practitioners of Vajra Dance!

You have the opportunity to order a costume for Vajra Dance. At the moment, we can make a suit from rayon (a natural fabric, washable at home, which does not wrinkle easily), with lining from natural silk.

In the FORM to be filled out, specify all requested dimensions. To make a correct measure, see the chart and the VIDEO below.


The suit is very difficult to sew, there are lots of details. Each suit is made individually, according to a standard pattern with the individual length of the sleeve and the length of the pants. Please specify the size you want by checking the measurements with the table provided.

Sizes table

The time for sewing may depend on circumstances, but we will report to you on the manufacturing progress.

The cost of the suit consists of payment for the seamstress, materials and accessories (there is also additional cost for delivery based on location of order).

For all communication please write to
We will answer as soon as possible.