Gaetano Ruvolo- Vice director of the SSF Italy and director of the Shang Shung Publications

After graduating in foreign languages and literature in Rome in 1978, I was offered a scholarship for a Master's degree in Connecticut, US, majoring in English and American literature. I then started my working life in a publishing house in Rome in 1982 and that is why I developed my collaboration with Shang Shung Publications in those years, until the early 1990s. In total I have spent 30 years working in corporate environments, mainly entertainment multinationals, in management roles within Operations and General Management, which allowed me to know in depth the mechanics and dynamics of markets and organizations. In 2011 I left Sony and started dedicating my time to consultancy, training and Coaching, which I consider the soul of the former two, helping people to find the path that leads to the development of their potentialities. I have re-joined the Shang Shung Publications in 2013 with the intention of developing its organization and structure it adequately to reach a wider market of potential readers everywhere in the world. I now live close to Rome, cultivating my passion for continuous learning, Italian quality wines and food which, together with Tai Chi and Tibetan culture, are an essential part of my personal life.

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