Guided translation of selected excerpts from the "The Precious Vase" by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

A 2-hours online meeting every two weeks from 5 to 7pm (Italian time), Tuesday or Wednesday according to
circumstances, in which we will focus on some parts of the Tibetan text of "The Precious Vase" by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. The ‘Precious Vase’ is an ideal text for the study of Tibetan language. It features numerous quotes from a variety
of classical texts linked by passages in modern literary Tibetan. The topics discussed are ideal to form an important
basic vocabulary of buddhist terminology.

Students begin to read identifying grammar and structure of sentences and excerpts from texts. They are guided in elaborating interpretation and translation step by step. Our instructor will initially guide the translation for participants in order to show how it works. In the following hour those of you who are interested, may read a passage each, and we will get to an agreed outcome.


Fabian Sanders

Fabian Sanders has studied Asian languages, traditions and cultures extensively. In recent years he has concentrated on teaching classical Tibetan Language at university level and for the Shang Shung Foundation. He has been a student of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu for more than twenty years. He is author of the volume "La Lingua Tibetana Classica" (Hoepli), the first classical Tibetan grammarbook in Italian. Read More


A 2-hours online meeting every two/three weeks from 5-7pm (Italian time), usually Tuesday or Wednesday according to


SEPTEMBER 11, Tuesday. 24, 5-7pm CEST FREE and open to everyone


SEPTEMBER 26, Wendsday 5-7pm CEST

OCTOBER Wednesday 10 and Monday 22, 5-7pm CEST

NOVEMBER Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 21, 5-7pm CET

DECEMBER Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 19 , 5-7pm CET