Khaita program 2018:

As a part of the Sunshine Coast local councils program on Health and wellbeing called ‘Get out, Get active' Tsering and Topgyal will be giving Khaita workshops from November till December as a part of a 5 week program 

Sunshine coast 'get out and active'


Multicultural festival in Canberra in Feb 2018

Tsering and Topgyal will be preforming the National Multicultural Featival in Canbera Australia 2018




Open Yantra Yoga courses 2018:

From December till July '18 Mathew Long (Qualifed Yantra Yoga Instructor) will be hosting a series of workshops based in Sydney, Canbera and Hobart. Courses will focus on The Eight Movements of Yantra Yoga to Harmonise & Strengthen Energy (Prana) .

More information and booking details coming soon under our events section.


Visit of Oliver Leick, SSF director, Easter 2018.

Oliver Leick is visiting the various branches of the SSFoundation and the local Gars and Lings of the Dzogchen Community, to gain a better understand of each situation and of the specific circumstances. Namgyalgar president, Oceania Reile, on behalf of the Gakyil has already expressed her welcome to Oliver for his visit.

As the only time available for Oliver to visit Australia will be Easter next year, SSIA is proposing to invite him to visit Australia in the occasion of the, eventual, 2018 Easter retreat in Namgyalgar. Asap after November retreat SSIA Board and Namgyalgar Gakyil will meet to discuss details of the organization of Oliver’s visit.


Tibetan art workshops 2018

Starting from March '18 Shang Shung Australia will resume traditional Tibetan art workshops with there resident Thangka Artist Damien Pascoe. Workshops will focus on drawing with the traditional Tibetan system of measurements, and Grids. Students will usually start with drawing and learning all the symbology behind the subject they are drawing, then later move on towards learning all the traditional methods behind painting with in Tibetan art.

Booking information will be coming soon under our events section.