Issuing Certificates (Accreditation)

Certificates are very easy to issue. It takes only few minutes.

Instructors may issue different types of certificates. Issuing at least Attendance Certificate is encouraged to all course participants.

Acreditation defines common data for all issued certificates and all related certificates


  • CERTIFICATION - relates to Certification Program which manage certificate issuing. Certification Programs should be previouesly established by Educational Program Managers
  • COURSE - course which relates to the certificte
  • CERTIFIER(s) - authorized instructor or other competent person which issue (sign) certificate
  • ISSUE DATE -  ofitial date of issuing certificates
  • ISSUE LOCATION - ofitionl location where issuing happened
  • DESCRIPTION - internal notes about accreditation to comunicate among course organizars. Not visible publically.

Certificates issued

Shows information about already issued certificates:

  • IDENTIFIER - unique alphanumeric identifier of certificate
  • STUDENT - student's name/surname
  • STUDENT EMAIL - student's email
  • CERTIFICATE FILE - pdf certificate file
  • GENERATED BY - name / surname of person who generated certificates

New Certificates

  • IDENTIFIER - unique alphanumeric identifier of certificate. Leave empty to let system asign automatically consecutive number
  • STUDENT - sellect atendee to offer certificate