Managing course/event finances

Finance Management allows to reach complete understanding of financial performance of event in real time.

Finatial managemnt alwas relates to particular course or other regitered event. It relays on payment methos defined at organization managemnt.


  • PAYMENT METHODS - selecting payment methods is obligatory for events with 'fee', 'doantion' and 'ticket' admission. It lists payment methods defined by organization indicated at 'finaces managed by' at course/event managemnt page
  • EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT - sets percet of the discount related to fee selected by the student
  • EARLYBIRD DEADLINE - sets deadline of earlybird discount

EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT and EARLYBIRD DEADLINE are only editable when course/event has 'preparation' status.


indicates current value of:

  • INCOME - agregated sum of all related payments, donations, etc
  • EXPENSES - agregated sum of all related expeses
  • PROFIT - result of outcome of INCOME - EXPENSES

Cuernt / New fees

  • NAME - name for the fee. If there is only one it can be 'basic' or similar
  • APPLIES TO - prticular group can be selected. For 'IDC Members/ and 'Instructors' automatic validation will be aplied. Participation to other groups should be verified by course manager one by one
  • PRICE - fee amount
  • TICKETS INITIAL AMOUNT - if 'tickets' are sellected as admission method at course/event management initial amount of tickets should be indicated

Current/New expenses

  • AMOUNT of the expense
  • DESTINATION of the expense: Instructor Fee, Venue rental, publicity etc.
  • DESCRIPTION - more detailed desctiption of the expense
  • Has receipt - check if expense has the recipt or invoice
  • DATE in which expense was done