“The Shang Shung Foundation exists for the preservation of Tibetan culture and to translate Tibetan texts into Western languages … the name Shang Shung reflects the very source of Tibetan culture and history: once it was known as a great Empire throughout the Orient. The study of Shang Shung is extremely important if we are to understand the great antiquity, the unique nature and the universal importance of Tibetan culture, past and present.”

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu - Founder of Shang Shung Foundation

A Vital Human Legacy

The Shang Shung Foundation is a non-profit, non-political, and non-religious institution. It is dedicated to promoting the vitality of Tibet’s unique legacy and exploring its relevance for the world today.  The primary mission of the Foundation is thus to work collaboratively on a global level to ensure the continuity of Tibetan culture and to celebrate its values, both in its traditional context and within our present global evolution.

Our work encompasses all aspects of Tibet’s inspiring heritage, the ‘Five Sciences’: language, medicine, the arts, philosophy, and the traditional spiritual knowledge that infuses the Tibetan way of life. We actively interact with scholars, artists, doctors, teachers, and everyone interested in building bridges between the Tibetan people and our contemporary world. We also work in collaboration with academic institutions, universities, foundations and museums and regularly organise a wide range of study courses, conferences and exhibitions.

“The aim of the Shang Shung Foundation is the preservation and promotion of Tibetan Culture, as well as conveying a deeper understanding of Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan wisdom which is at its heart … so as to communicate these principles to the wider community today in contemporary and sustainable ways.

Tibetan culture is something we can all appreciate and treasure for its modern ethical values, which are very applicable to today’s society in many different fields. For that reason we need to preserve it, since in the near future we will need more and more access to this kind of knowledge and wisdom.”

Yuchen Namkhai - Director & Board member of the Shang Shung Foundation

A Resource For The Future

An important aim of the Foundation is also to bring a sense of human enrichment to future generations. The rich, spiritual wisdom that is intrinsic to the Tibetan way of life can not only make an invaluable contribution to our lives today … but also to future society. This is especially true in relation to the study of the mind, as is illustrated by the popularity of ‘mindfulness’ in the West today, whose original source is classical Buddhist knowledge. The aim of Buddhism is to show the way to liberation from suffering and the promotion of human happiness. This is of universal relevance to everyone, regardless of age, the time in which they live, or their culture!

The translation and publication of original Buddhist texts from Tibetan into Western languages will enable future generations to have direct access to this unique understanding.  It is also of vital importance to preserve and protect this authentic living tradition by keeping the transmission alive - from person to person – not just through books. The inherent transmission of the Buddha’s teachings, which are found in the Tibetan language, is still intact to this day. Keeping this lineage intact ensures the correct application and realization of these teachings.

“Buddhism has historically inspired feelings of compassion, peace and self-responsibility. It can help us all to implement warm-heartedness, joy and awareness in our work and daily lives.”

Oliver Leick - President of the Shang Shung Foundation

We invite you to become part of the Shang Shung Foundation and to help us preserve this invaluable resource.  Applying and integrating this knowledge into our daily lives is a key to actively contributing to a peaceful, happier world.